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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mugs with poppies GALORE!

I like a design, so I go with it EVERYWHERE!

From the first 4 mugs, to now 2 more different sizes and shapes...there are now a dozen with hand painted poppies a la Georgia O'Keeffe designs.  I am thrilled with them, because I like her paintings.  They aren't decals, they aren't even drawn on first, but just brush after brush of different colors of Mayco Stroke And Coat glazes, red, black, orange, turquoise and yellow.  That's it.

The white is studio satin white.
The black liner is studio matt black.

Which shape or size would you prefer?

Jumbos on left are straight sided.  Curved shaped mugs (on right) start medium size and go up to a large!  All my mugs have Celtic Cross thumb knobs.

 We're the curvy girls. Sizes from 12 oz to 20 oz.

 And we're the straight sided differently sized ones!  Holding from 14 oz to 20 oz.

Straight? Curved?  Your preference...or maybe a bit of both!

The first medium size mugs look even a bit different - see HERE. (10 - 14 oz.)

Contact me at to purchase, just pay by check or credit card, and I'll ship them your direction (the shipping fee and insurance is about $15 per box for flat rate Postal Service shipping.)  Purchase price each mug is $30, so a couple get the same rate of shipping (or close to it).

Smaller mugs don't cost less, because after all, the same amount of effort goes into making them.
The clay is the least valuable aspect of the another ounce of clay might cost $0.01 or less . And larger mugs don't cost more for the same reason!  It's the various steps to make something collectible for you that counts.

Don't miss the vase which I posted earlier, and soon there will be a pitcher also with the O'Keeffe style poppy.

Quote for today:

Speculation is perfectly all right, but if you stay there you've only founded a superstition. If you test it, you've started a science. -Hal Clement, science fiction author (30 May 1922-2003)


Barbara Rogers said...

OK, I'll start. When people see these bright mugs, they always smile. Wouldn't you like to share that?

Linda said...

For a second I thought it said Mugs with Puppies! Well, these are nice too.

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh that's so like me, Linda! I think it comes from wearing glasses for me, sometimes I just don't get a clear focus on what I'm reading, and so guess as to what each word might be. May have to go back to putting a finger on each word!