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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

What has this potter been making?

This last month has been a whopper...challenges keep coming at me, and they probably won't stop.
But I've got one thing under my control, and I'm sticking to it.  I can control my own attitude...and I'm really working on the positive aspect of everything that's coming my way.

I am not sure I always make the best choices.  And yet, given my circumstances I am really doing pretty darn well.

But I haven't had time to be in the studio as much as I'd like.

Survival issues do take precedence.
But between food/shelter/transportation/clothing/loss of loved pet, health issues, and a community of friends, I took time to go see my son and his wife and my grandchildren last Friday.  What a very fulfilling trip.

 A little pitcher with an infinity symbol.

It has a fluted detail around the base.

And my signature Celtic Cross as the thumb knob on the handle.

It only holds about 3 cups, and pours without any dribble, I'm proud to say.
Sorry the coloring is slanted to yellow of incandescent lights...I usually try to take my photos in natural lighting which gives a better sense of what the color really is.  Perhaps when the sun comes up tomorrow, I'll be able to take some better photos for you.


  1. a nice wee jug.
    I've always moderated click and the nasties are gone! One persistent one had to be reported and blocked, but that was a painless process.

  2. I like the little flutes on the bottom


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