Thursday, January 18, 2018

Isaac Norman 1765-1828

With all the ancestors I chase around (on my blog Three Family Trees, you'd think I would jump at the opportunity to link to a photo of a cemetery.

So how about one of the few in which I've found an ancestor of my own? I think I'll re-post some of the photos I took at that time, and share it on both my blogs!  Nothing like a triple whammy, er double!

This is my Sepia Saturday post for #402.

SEPIA SATURDAY 402 : 20 January 2018

Looking for Isaac Norman's grave...
on a trip up to Indiana a few years first stop was the wrong one...but pretty area in KY where his family lived once.  HERE

He left a will, which gives September as his date of death, but the tombstone says July.  See this blog for info about that!

Here's more from my blog about Shelbyville KY...a great little town! 

So here's the post where I actually found his headstone...I'll cut and paste it so you don't have to go to the link!
 Friday, May 1, 2015

I'm going to share my exciting adventure of finding the grave of my ancestor, Isaac Norman.  Who?

My mother's mother's mother's...oh you know lots of mother's back there.  Actually in my reckoning, which is the system I devised going back from my grandchildren as generation 1).   This Isaac Norman would be generation 10).  I am generation 3). So he's my 5th great grandfather!

(12) Isaac Norman ( 5 Oct 1682 - 7 Apr 1748)
(11) Joseph Norman (1708-16 Feb 1784)
(10) Isaac Norman II (1735 - 1776)
(9) Mary Margaret (Polly) Norman Conn (23 Mar 1792 - 13 Dec 1833)
(8) Hannah Conn Booth (1818-1884)
(7) Richard R. Booth (1846-1879)
(6) Eugenia Booth Miller (1873-1936)
(5) Mozelle Miller Webb Munhall (1897-1960)
(4) Mataley Webb Rogers (1917-2003)
(3) Barbara Booth Rogers (1942- ?)

I've posted several times already about him, a veteran of the War of 1812, Here and Here, and HERE when trying to find his grave.

I also noted that I used to have his generation numbered incorrectly.  Oops.  It's my own system and somehow I jumped him back earlier.  SO hopefuly this is the right amount of generations removed.

And here is my story from last week's actual finding of his grave marker.  (I believe the monument was erected a while after his death, but I don't know when.)

There was no "google map available" when I got into the area of Elk Creek.  So I stopped at a convenience/gas store and asked the clerk.  Fortunately the woman behind me in line knew where the Elk Creek Baptist Church was to be found, off the Old Road on your left.  I went down the Old Road (which had a numeric designation) and it had a "y" and I took the right side, to find many new homes.  Not the Old Road obviously.  Going the other way, I soon saw a beautiful antebellum home through the trees.

And it was situated on Elk Creek!

The Elk Creek Baptist Church had a huge cemetery.

My thinking went that the original founders would be buried close to the church, and here was Isaac Norman's monument right next to the drive.

I left my flowers, and took a lot of pictures.

South face, Isaac Norman, born Aug 25, 1765, Died July 22, 1828
A different person's statistics were carved on each of the 4 faces of the monument.


West face, Hannah G. wife of Isaac Norman, born Apr 20, 1762, Died Feb 28, 1845
I had not expected to find 2 more names on the marker. Who were they?
 East face, Abner Norman, born Dec. 30. 1789, Died Jan. 2. 1856. "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."
 and the other was...

North face, Frances, wife of Abner Norman, born Apr 4, 1788, died March 28, 1864
 Frances Northmore Redman was Abner's wife.  Her marker was really hard to read however.

Frances was the last one to die in 1864, who is memorialized on this marker.  Who might have been the ones burying these elders?  Frances and Abner had a lot of children, several of whom lived into the 1920s.  So I can't speculate on that today.

View of east and north faces of monument, with my car
The Norman marker, center with flag

I did look at other markers nearby, and found the Van Dykes married a grandson of Isaac Norman, Solomon Redman Norman, and many of the graves in that area of the cemetery were of their sons and daughters.

So I said goodbye to these ancestors and went on down the road.  And thanked them for giving me life, to pass along to my own children and hopefully to many more descendents one day.

Today's quote:

Confucius wrote: “There are three things which the wise man holds in reverence: the Will of Heaven, those in authority, and the words of the sages. The fool knows not the Will of Heaven and holds it not in reverence: he is disrespectful to those in authority; he ridicules the words of the sages.”
And: “He who does not understand the Will of God can never be a man of the higher type. He who does not understand the inner law of self-control can never stand firm. He who does not understand the force of words can never know his fellow-men.”

One more stalk!

 There were two stalks of Amaryllis which bloomed at the beginning of the year. (Jan 13) I cut them back when the flowers died, because usually leaves come out of the bulb next.

Jan 15
This plant decided to produce one more stalk, so I'll gladly welcome another bloom!

Jan 16

 Jan 17 snow greeted me when I woke up, and continued to come down till around noon. Pretty little accumulated, but it stopped my going anywhere.  The trucks still zoom by on the interstate (I-40) in the least in one direction. You know what that means...probably some accident going the other way has clogged up the traffic.
Progress on Miss Amyrillis on Jan 17, much slower than the earlier blooms!

My purple shamrock frequently has blossoms...tiny little whitish-lavendar flowers.  This has been a strange plant which kept looking like it was dying, (there's no drainage in that pot) and so I kept cutting back on watering it.  And I kept stuffing the dead leaves into the pot.  That was just what it needed.  There's probably a couple inches of dirt, and at least that much of dead branches and leaves...and it just keeps on being happy in a winter window.  In the summer it is happy without direct sunshine!

And one more shot just after publishing...Jan 18.

Today's quote:

Our bellies can be wonderful monitors of our emotional health and the truth can always be found there.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Some you just can't kill!

My gardenia bush is sprouting new leaves again...after I took it outside to freeze out the fruit flies that had decided to infest the dirt.  As you can see, that's a lot of dirt, plus my use of fallen leaves to mulch it.  The fruit flies were really sad, lethargic little beings that kind of sat on a windowsill.  But they would flicker in my eyesight and bother me.  And there were a constant hundred of them.  I was mopping the windowsill of bodies constantly.

So we put a shower curtain over the plant, and left it outside a few nights below freezing...maybe for a day and 2 nights.  Then it was actually warm outside for a few days above freezing.  Then with the latest cold front, I brought Madam Gardenia back inside. I let it sit for a day before watering it.  So far no fruit flies!  Fingers and toes crossed.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pottery I see around me in my home

These little plates and spoon-rests have become the most used pottery in my home, even more than the mugs.

They serve as coasters in every room, for I carry drinks with me everywhere I'm least while sitting.

And they provide snacks, like nuts, fruit, or toast or biscuits for breakfast (which used to use a paper towel). Since I'm reducing my carbon footprint by less paper goods being tossed out, I seldom use paper towels, napkins, or plates.  I have plenty of cloth napkins, pottery plates of every possible size, and these little goodies do the trick for little one serving dishes.

I do have bowls that the cat uses for food and drink.  She makes a mess if I serve her on a goes right over the edges.

As I was responding to another potter-blogger, what do you use frequently in your home? And as she also was trying to avoid thinking about how cold it is to make pottery these days, I am also using this as an excuse to avoid that as well.  I worked on trimming 3 vases today, which meant it was at least with dry hands...but that was my extent of clay work.  Brrr!

Today's quote:

It began in mystery and it will end in mystery, but what a rare and beautiful country lies in between.
Diane Ackerman