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So come over and see my comments and photos on my other blog "When I Was 69."

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Friday, July 24, 2020

The Ent-Wife

The Spirit of an Ent-Wife.

If you've read Tolkien, (The Two Towers) you probably remember that Pippin and Merry got rescued by the Ent trees...who were looking for their Ent Wives. So here mine is, waiting to be sold at the Red House Gallery.

The Swannanoa Fine Arts League's Red House is open on weekends again. And I sold the last tree vase I'd had on display. So my Ent-wife is now there for anyone who likes her.

Monday, June 29, 2020

I can give them away!

Just used this mug as a prize in a "Do you remember when..." contest at church. Rev. Michael Carter won by identifying a party that was held just a few years ago. I'll have to come up with some older photos for the next contest!

It's still time for wearing masks in public, though many restaurants and stores have opened. Many people refuse to wear masks however, and there's not much that can be done about it. This week we've had a fallout of dust all over the southeastern US, blown from the Sahara Desert...another reason to wear masks.

I hope you and your loved ones are well.

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Things change

Since I'm not making any pottery.
Since I'm concerned about catching Covid-19 (which would probably kill me).

I'm changing my approach here.

So come over and see my comments and photos on my other blog "When I Was 69." Please.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

One of my fav restaurants these days

 I was the only person picking up an order which I'd phoned 11:30 am.

 I couldn't decide which shot was more interesting...the empty dining room with cook staff having a break with who? or my waiter who wore a mask under his nose, just covering his mouth. Glad I had mine on properly at least.

 One of the beautiful decorations in the restaurant.

And the beauty of spring by Flat Creek. The restaurant, Ole's Guacamoles, has tables and chairs set up on its patio for outdoor dining usually.

 There's a motel on the other side of the creek, and I've never known anyone to stay there, but it looks nice.

Did I mention there are little treasures all around the restaurant?

Today's quote:

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Flame Azaeas and a different Iris

 I hope I haven't posted these photos before. It's getting hard to keep track, especially since I'm not going around taking photos much any more.

Today's quote:

The teenage years are often like spring, where rainbows follow on the heels of rainstorms.
Madisyn Taylor

Saturday, April 25, 2020

More blooms in the 'hood

 I always think I wouldn't bother planting white azaleas, when there are some more vibrant colors available!
 The pink dogwood continues to bloom.

 My kitchen window is over on the left, but with the counter and stove right inside it, I can't even see the pink dogwood tree.

And right by my porch is this severely trimmed azalea, which is finally coming back.

Today's quote:

When the Beloved wants to take you Home,
extend your hand to His welcoming
even though your body may be trembling
and your mind may want to flee;
even though those around you grieve,
and you yourself have mourned, even before they,
the changing form of your body.
Tears are not the final truth
though they will come and go
like stars that need a dark sky to be seen.
Death is not a failure of a mind
that is not strong enough,
or positive enough, or pure enough.
Those who hold such views are simply
masking fear with ideas of being in control.
We are being lived...
...anguish, fear or deepest grief
cannot alter Who you really are.
The beautiful Spirit that extended ItSelf
in space and time, and called ItSelf by your name,
is simply ready to return, unencumbered by a body,
to Its vast and spacious Unborn Self,
that kisses you at birth,
and holds your hand in death,
and never for a moment
forgets you are ItSelf.
The mind imagines you are leaving,
but where could you truly go?
You are Life ItSelf...
Unceasingly flowing,
moment to moment unfolding Yourself.
A body is born; a body dies; but you do not.
Deep within your heart, you know this Truth.
Rest there.  Rest in the knowing that
opens your heart to all that IS,
that loves ItSelf in all that comes,
and returns to ItSelf in all that goes.

Dorothy Hunt
Buddhist Teacher

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The walkway and Iris

Yes, there is Barb's apartment along this view!

Today's Quote:

He was surprised

to see the gray clouds,
for the sunrise was clear
with blue sky, and he
assumed, as he always had,
that the sky moved
as the sun moved, east
to west, yet here the clouds
came, traveling west to
east, and he thought of
the trajectory he imagined
his life took, of birth
to death, infancy to old age,

and he wondered if he

had missed something,
if the winds moved
differently than he supposed,
if death also traveled
toward life, if there were
more currents than he
could imagine; and if
imagining itself, setting
a distinct course, one he
planned in advance, kept
him from seeing, if he
were at this moment
actually growing younger,
at the same time he grew
older; if he was in fact
moving in ways he could
barely sense, into another
life, into other worlds.

From: Being Here
original title: Traveling