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The little succulents from Barb and Marty's wedding, my entry at the Red House "Passages" show, new roots for succulents, the re-discovered dish to go with little plant pot.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Taking a break

See you in the funny papers...when I get over this cold/allergies!

Monday, May 20, 2019

The forgotten dish for the planter

A week or so ago...I mentioned a medium sized turquoise green planter (HERE) and concluded that I could use a tin pie plate under it.  I had completely forgotten making the dish for it when I threw the pot! (Something about being 76-1/2 years old perhaps?)

Look Barb, you signed it! It's yours!

As soon as I can, a new little plant will be added!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

These mountains I love

a bit of haze that gradually cleared, giving us sunburns which we gladly welcomed in early spring.

 The motel part of the Pisgah Inn
 looking toward the restaurant and gift shop
my favorite easily identified wildflowers!

Friday, May 17, 2019

When a vase has a face...

Once again I've made a face, or a vase. Or somehow a Victorian lady popped out of the vase I'd thrown.

I added torn pieces of slab to make the vase taller. Then I made a face, and gave her frills of more torn slab pieces.

You may note that she's not completely finished.  There's a touch of white to be added in the give the sense of light being reflected, instead of the dead look they have now.

So as soon as I do that, I'll post the final

Incidentally, I may try to show this in a juried show that is being held in July. I want to have something that is more than just a decorative piece of pottery. Leaning toward Fine Arts, don't you know?

And PS for the last 4 posts about the show at the Red House Gallery...there are many more pieces that I didn't photograph, so I encourage anyone in the area to drop in and look at them...

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

"Passages" Chapter 4

This is the end of my photos from the Opening Reception at the Red House Gallery.

 I was happy to meet Tina the first time she came into the Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts league...and am so glad to see her work.
 An excellent description of Homeward Bound was given, since a percentage of sales is going toward that non-profit to help end homelessness.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Passages show in Red House (chapter 2)

I showed my own contribution the other day, as part of the great opening evening. Even with rain we were mobbed! What a fun party! Here are a few of my photos from the show. There are lots more, and the works that sell quickly may not be there for long. (the card descriptions follow each painting.)

 I was so thrilled to find Tricia, my old friend and a new member, had submitted to this show.

 This is a huge painting.  See how big by the normal size card next to it.  At least 4 feet across.

I had trouble getting a photo without glare from the lights.

 I was thrilled to see Eileen making this lovely painting.  She has a studio on the ground floor of the Red House.

This painting (mixed media) had a lot of spirit coming through.

More photos that I just took that night last week...I won't be sharing the whole lot however. These artists need your interest by coming to the gallery! Of course if you aren't able to come to Black Mountain, I may be working there in June and take some more photos.