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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Gypsy Vardo wagon

This post first came out Feb 13, 2012.  I bring it back to you so I can share it on Sepia Saturday this very own caravan made from clay.  Even the lanterns, all fired together with a special wire on the lanterns that doesn't melt in the 2100 degree F glaze kiln.

The little gypsy van has been glazed, and the wheel axles glued onto the bottom.  The "Dutch" opening back doors are ajar so you can imagine how living in one of these darling tiny vehicles might have been.  The roof does come off, like the lid of a box, but I neglected to furnish the inside.  Anyone into miniatures might have fun putting the table, bunks, cabinets and curtains into it.

And for inaccuracy sake, I also left off the various accoutrements for a driver and horse.  Sorry about that, but this is just to enjoy thinking about, not planning to put it to the test.


Here is my share of the wares we had out last weekend.

Everyone had some sales, though not a lot.  Notice my big pitcher in the center...

... later I sold the pitcher and was so happy!

View from the other side.  Maybe a bit cluttered, you say?  Definitely.

Our tent was in a prime location at the end of the first row nearest the parking.  As well as right next to the grass/driveway by the musicians.

So many kids, so many dogs.  Pat wanted me to be taking their pictures.  I would rather go for the whole atmosphere, myself.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pierced bowl

The glaze application is so frustrating, pouring because it was just a smidge to big to dip into the bucket.  I wish the glossy green glaze didn't have that bare looking spot on the inside sweep of the bowl.  It really detracts from the design.  Oh well...

Friday, May 24, 2013

The critters are finished

Now what do I do with them?  Have them hanging around the living room or studio for ages?  I hope not.
So far I'm taking them to tailgate market tomorrow morning. After that...who knows.

But first, I really love the glaze changes on this plate.  It is hard to sponge glaze and get that pebbled texture.  Why doesn't anyone else like that?

Since I've heard others complain that blogger/internet is limiting posts, making things disappear...I'll post the cats, chickens and birds tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Barbara's Critters get glazed

Whether these bisqued critters are chicken, fish, kitten or blue bird, this is how they look before glazing.

All the glaze work is done in Mayco's Stroke and Coat, which matures fine in our cone 6 glaze kilns.

What you've never seen a robin that fat?  How about the blue bird?
 At the same time, I get to walk by these lovely petals that sweep through the room smelling so wonderful.  (This was the rose that was supposed to be yellow)  

My work space is a bit of a clutter, eh?  My magnifying clip-on glasses are at the bottom on the bat next to cat.  I clip them on my close-up glasses and get another 1X magnification.  These old eyes need that.

More glazes will be applied at the BMCA studio a nice blue for Mr. Fish, and white on the white areas that actually have no glaze at this time.

And now I finally get to tell you, this is posted as part of the Mud Colony meme...come over to see what other potters are doing these days!

Monday, May 6, 2013

white and red

Here's another small "blossom bowl" which nestles in it's slightly bigger one of the same design.

And a nice big casserole dish with a split rim detail.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cherry Blossom vase

It doesn't show that well, but the turquoise glaze has a metalic shine to it.  The photos look too yellow for the actual color of the vase.  Close up below is closer to the turquoise.

Cherry blossoms with Maco Stroke N Coat and some satin white glaze, tree done with wax resist before glazing.

Clay body is Little Loafers, fired to cone 6.

I'm taking this to the Tailgate Market today, though I dare say I'll also bring it home.  But I do like to let people see my pretty things (yep, I bow my head in embarrassment.)

Friday, May 3, 2013


detail of glaze merging...

More fun in drawing with glaze pencil, then waxing the dragon and dipping in shiny green glaze. Charles (BMCA clay teacher) thought I should have wiped the glaze off the dragon completely (though he was painted with clear glaze to make it food safe.  What do you think?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Having fun with clay

So one day I just made a bunch of little critters for the fun of it!