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Friday, February 19, 2021

New Red House Show

On Feb. 15 I dropped off a couple of pieces of pottery for the next show that the Red House Gallery will be hosting.

This is the Cat and Mouse Teapot.

I call this the Venus Vase.

And on Friday Feb 19, I received a phone call that a member of the SVFAL had purchased each of my pieces, but she'll leave them on display until I bring some other work in to replace them. That's wonderful for me...but now I have to look around for some other pots (of which I have plenty) which meet the requirement of showing something living. I'm thinking some of my tree sculptures would be good!

"Living Things"

This exciting exhibit will showcase work embracing the realm of Living Things. Plants, animals, and people may be used as a source to inspire your entries. Still life, landscape, or portraits in all mediums are encouraged!

Looking forward to celebrating 2021 with our members’ glorious interpretations derived from the bounty of living things!

This show will be displayed in the Red House Gallery and will also be offered on-line as a Virtual Show.  Once again, you will be able to share the Virtual Show link with friends and patrons, anywhere!
Hours are 11-4 Friday - Sundays