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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vases group 3

The lower combination of glazes is almost impossible to focus a camera's green over satin white.  This altered form could hold a nice dozen of sweetheart roses.

Another smallish vase with some fun blues happening where two glazes are applied over each other.  The form was thrown, then altered, and then the knotted rope of clay was applied.  This vase might hold some smaller flowers in a nice bouquet.

Monday, April 29, 2013

More vases

A small bud vase with three colors, which could hold 2-4 short Daffodil or Iris stems

This is my classic form, a medium size white satin vase which can easily hold 2 dozen roses, daffodils, or your favorite blossoms.

Another altered form, with two glazes overlapping to form a neat merging of colors.  Because of the neck being small, this would be great for a half dozen daffodils at most.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Small primitive vases

I enjoyed making these primitive forms, most of which hold water.  The one on the left has too many spaces between those colored pebbles, so it's for dried arrangements only.

As you can see, I've been loosening up my style a bit, not attempting to have things totally vertical, and leaving some of the stain color on the white areas sometimes.

Top right piece was an experiment using both stoneware clay and a white clay together.  They seemed to work together well.  Nice to know my speckled brownstone plays well with little loafers, both cone 6.

Colors are from Mayco Stroke N Coat glazes, which are usable from cone 06 to cone 6.  The black stain in the cracks of the sculptural areas is the same as used on the black piece, just Stroke N Coat color Black Tuxedo.  For stain effect, I just sponged it off the raised areas before applying a clear glaze over the whole thing.  Each piece has a white satin liner.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

At last some pottery

Not felt like making much for a while, but have been puttering and pottering a bit.
Finally got some pictures taken.  Thanks to Sarah for loaning me her photo cube, which helped immensely (now if I can only figure out how to collapse the thing).

Deep altered bowls, I'm calling blossom bowls.

I appologize for the quality of the photos.  I took them with plenty of resolution, but blogger refuses to upload any photos that have large file size...thus the quality is greatly reduced.  I'll have to think whether I want to continue trying to show you anything when it looks so grainy.