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Monday, November 30, 2015

Wiggling kids

My paternal grandmother was holding me, though I look about to take off at almost one year of age.  My cousins Claudette (on r.) and Sandra also look as thought they aren't going to stand there much longer.

This relates to the Sepia Saturday photo by considering how anyone could ever get a big group of children to stay still long enough for a photo...just get them to play a game! Check at this link for more Sepia Saturday postings.  I'm very late posting mine!

Same grandmother with her own baby Alexander, at 9 months on her lap, who became the father of my cousins in the first photo.  Three year old Elmore (in background) didn't live to be an adult.

A more recent photo of myself on left, my nephew Zach in the tree, and my sister Mary on right.  In front is niece, Lisa and my youngest son, Tai, holding a black cat of my sister's, at her home in Houston, TX.

The continuing family photos

Look, I found more photos, which I post here so they are archived someplace besides my laptop...and maybe someone out there who reads my blog actually knows these lovely people.

Caroline and Kate are sandwiching me on Thanksgiving.

Russ and Michelle, the lovely parents who brought Thanksgiving to my house, so we all could have a family feast.

I was allowed in the kitchen only to make some gravy...which is one of my specialties.

Quote for today:

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.   

Marcel Proust

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Clay work again

After the short hospital stay, and the long getting back on my feet, I plan to be selling retail again this next Fri and Saturday.
Yay me.

But I also want to be thinking of gifting to those I love with whatever things I've made that they might like.

So before my daughter-in-law went home on Friday, I gave her her Christmas gift.  The 6 piece set of mugs which had just been finished (while I've been recuperating they were fired).  I really liked how they looked all together and didn't want to sell them one by one, so this solved that!

But I forgot to take any photos of them.  I do like the glaze combo (same as mug-bowls posted HERE).  And Michelle was nice enough to take a few candid shots to send me, which I now share with you.

Don't forget (all you local people and tourist visitors) Holly Jolly at Black Mountain Center for the Arts 5-8 pm on next Fri. Dec. 4. That's upstairs next to the gallery.

And my final sales opportunity for this year is the McDowell County Appalachian Potters Market, at the Marion High School on Sat. Dec. 5, from 10-4.  This is a great Pottery Show, and I'm one of the lucky potters (in a booth with Cathy Babula).

Saturday, November 28, 2015

What a crowd!

Looking out a window at the Sunset Terrace at sunset...look closely and you'll see about a hundred people down on the steps!

Thanksgiving sunset was pretty at the Grove Park Inn.

But we came to see the gingerbread houses! Russ, Michelle and their oldest daughter, Audrey!

The whole family enjoying one of the houses...Caroline and Kate now leaning against the fence.

The grand prize winner, which is obviously made entirely of edible things...maybe even some gingerbread too!

Caroline capturing (?) the sunset.  Everybody was doing this, and many adults were enjoying a glass of something warming also.

I stayed up on highest level while the family descended to the next lower patio.  Why? To say they did it, and take yet another picture!
I'm afraid I declined going down the stairs to take their picture, so a stranger did it for them!

And then the girls saw the super duper hot chocolate drinks, and each wanted one, of course!

My three chocolate and whipped cream loving granddaughters!

I love these cuties!

And I'm a very proud grandmamma'.

Today's Quote (if you've looked at all those family photos, you deserve a good quote to walk away with)

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.
Donna Roberts