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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Barbara's Critters get glazed

Whether these bisqued critters are chicken, fish, kitten or blue bird, this is how they look before glazing.

All the glaze work is done in Mayco's Stroke and Coat, which matures fine in our cone 6 glaze kilns.

What you've never seen a robin that fat?  How about the blue bird?
 At the same time, I get to walk by these lovely petals that sweep through the room smelling so wonderful.  (This was the rose that was supposed to be yellow)  

My work space is a bit of a clutter, eh?  My magnifying clip-on glasses are at the bottom on the bat next to cat.  I clip them on my close-up glasses and get another 1X magnification.  These old eyes need that.

More glazes will be applied at the BMCA studio a nice blue for Mr. Fish, and white on the white areas that actually have no glaze at this time.

And now I finally get to tell you, this is posted as part of the Mud Colony meme...come over to see what other potters are doing these days!


  1. a wonderful conglomeralate of goodness.

  2. Great critters. Can't wait to see them fired!

  3. That's a terrific gang of critters!

  4. Love to see other people's clay critters and these are a beauty. I have a couple of parrots and a peacock waiting to be glazed. Your bluebird reminds me of a penguin. I think a penguin would be a great addition to this collection.

    1. Great minds, and all that. Thanks Caroline. I did Penguins first, see the post about "having fun with clay" a few weeks ago. I just guess all m birds have that eggy look to them.


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