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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hacked by Canadians!

Graph of Blogger page views

So my stats tell me some interesting traffic here.
1157 page views yesterday.

From where? Canada?


So I'm a bit concerned.  They are mostly from Facebook


The number 1157 came from the top graphic image but doesn't show on the second graph.  So I think I won't be sharing my blog over on FB any more. I did report it to Blogger, which has never answered anything I've asked for help with.

The rest of you people, who probably don't have any connection to the (Canadian?) hackers, I hope you will take the effort to come over to the blog without that connection.

And I hope the hackers enjoy looking at geese and pottery and mountains.  If you're interested in my money, you are going to just get geese and pottery and mountains.  That's it folks.  I'm of the poor elderly these days.  Not that I want you to help yourselves...but listen, what's the point of bothering me?

I won't post links to my blogs on Facebook.  I will just post direct photos.

Guess I'll only hear from my FB friends how they like them. And I hope you all who read the blogs will keep on coming over and sometimes commenting.  The rest will just miss out.

What a shame.


  1. OUCH! Thanks for the heads up!
    I just posted a connection to my blog on FB yesterday. Toes crossed this does not get strange.
    Even though I don’t post as often as I used to I still like blogs over FB.

    1. This is the first batch of a thousand page views, I've often had over a hundred which I just took with a grain of salt. No more. That the links ran through Canada was also a first, as most of them come from Russia or the Ukraine usually. I think the blogs are going to be gone soon...unfortunately.


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