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Friday, December 8, 2017

Turquoise glaze

 Though I usually try to sell things, I love this bowl so much I may never take it out of the house.  The satin turquoise glaze on a porcelain clay, with little accents of drips in plum glaze, it would just set off my breakfast any day of the week.  I mix a 2 oz. package of Bermuda Green mason stain into about a gallon and a half of our studio's satin white and mix it very well.  The satin white seldom looks as good as the turquoise does!

  A fun little sculptural votive holder, which says on it's base "How the Light Gets In."
Inside is primarily matt bronze green glaze.
 The outside has turquoise first, with some matt bronze green over it.
They sure did play together well.  Of course only very small battery operated votives will be placed in this...since it's shape isn't round (on purpose of course.)  And knowing me, I may have squirted a bit of plum glaze around the edge, thus the blue accents.

On a completely different note:
Here's an Open Culture sharing (text) about a topic that is brought to my attention through a TedEd cartoon...why-incompetent-people-think-theyre-amazing

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  1. I'll have to try mixing some mason stain in glaze and see what I come up with, love that turqooise.

  2. I use an immersion blender each time I use the glaze...which distributes the color evenly throughout. Before I started doing that there were little streaks of color sometimes. And the purple didn't work at all...that I tried.

  3. Neat color and work. Don’t you love the versatility of Mason stains? Bermuda is one of my favorite colors.

  4. Thanks Suzi...glad you have also used this. What others do you like?


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