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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

More Holly Jolly pottery

The Holly Jolly festivities are only one night a year in Black Mountain NC.

So these are some of the work of adult students in the Center for the Arts Clay Studio...many of whom are like me, Independent Study students.  These same artists each have a couple of pieces on display in the Gallery from now until Feb. 2018.  But the big sale was that one night (though one table remains in the hall outside the gallery).

Pat Levi's sales items...she had a deep discount on these for gift giving.

Dori English had some beautiful fanciful items for sale.

 Dori had everything from angels to horses...her castles are also for sale in town.

It was fun seeing families, talking with them as they considered gift items.  Yesterday I posted photos of some of the potters with their wares, so today has been the wares that were on display, but the potters were off enjoying the activities in other locations.

Today's Quote:
"But we'll have our rights; see if we don't. And you can't stop us from them; see if you can. You may hiss as much as you like, but it is coming. Women don't get half as much rights as they ought to. We want more and we will have it.”   Sojourner Truth

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