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A young"ish" Buckminster Fuller and a flexible skin geodesic dome about the time he taught at Black Mountain College!

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Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas greetings

The turning of seasons reminds me of a labyrinth...something that goes around, and has a center...maybe a spiral or?

It can even be connected to other round things, making a triple spiral labyrinth like you use a finger or pen to follow the path, going into 3 centers on the way to the central one.

Remembering Christmas past...Muffin was a darling friend for 15 years.

Nativity in glass, santas, garlands, amaryllis in pots, all brings us to celebrate the wheel of the my Sepia Saturday friends suggest...Come on over here to see other fun posts on this meme!

A time to kindle the flame of friendship, and remember the return of light, but watching that fire is under control.

Photos from my 2010 and 2012 albums.

Today's quote:

"The world is not imperfect or slowly evolving along a path to perfection. No, it is perfect at every moment, every sin already carries grace in it." Hermann Hesse


  1. a triple labyrinth, very interesting, I have yet to visit a labyrinth in person, mazes have always intrigued me as well.

  2. The triple labyrinth is a clever take on the prompt picture's wagon wheel. Muffin looks adorable. Makes me remember our sweet Molly at Christmas when she used to steal all the bows off the packages under the tree. Don't know why she had such a 'thing' about bows, but she did. And the glass nativity is beautiful. Merry Christmas. Love the candlelight dinner too! :)

  3. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!

  4. I liked your interpretation of the wheel and the turning of the year - very original.

  5. The mesmerizing wheel design of the labyrinth might predate the actual invention of the wheel. It surely was part of civilizations that did not use the wheel. Candle light is also one of those ancient symbols we enjoy this time of year. I wish you a very happy holiday and warm new year.

  6. A very creative take on the prompt image, and I like all the photos, especially the candlelit dinner.


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