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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pottery and pizza and Craft Market!

 A couple of days ago I shared a medium size bowl with this glaze pattern.  Bermuda Green mason stain in Satin White glaze, drizzles of plum around it.

These are great yogurt bowls...or nuts, or something for dipping... deep and small!
They were going to be at the Owen Middle School Craft Market today!  But the snowy weather had other ideas, so I've kept myself at home.

Snow may be on the ground, but streets will probably be ok, if you don't live up on Mt. Mitchell!

One of my favorite pizza places, Pepperoni Pizza...there are some great pizzas in this town! I like the prices here.

Today's Quote:

The impossible, when fertilized with hope, becomes possible.  Mark Mullimax, Prof of Religion, Mars Hill U.


  1. oh a shame you missed the market but I'd be staying home in that weather too

  2. We don't have much snow unlike other places in Scotland. We have the joys of ice instead!

  3. We had a dusting of snow, with a bit of sleet yesterday. A cold rain today... not a great day to load the bisque kiln, but the clock is ticking and it needs to get done.
    We sure could use a good pizza place here in Seagrove!


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