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Monday, December 4, 2017

Moony madness

You can't imagine what it was like driving down a highway going directly into the sun for a while...wearing sunglasses and putting my hand in front of my eyes.  I waited for 5 minutes and it was gone.  (Waiting meant stopping for a soda in a drive-through.)

Then an hour later, driving the other direction going into the moon, it was amazing how big it was.  These were taken when I wasn't driving!  Actually the night before full.


  1. I didn't even try to take a photo, not good at night photos, but your photo is super

  2. The moon is at its closest to us today. Looks bigger with higher high tides.
    Nice header!

  3. What a pretty header! Yeah, that moon is amazing!

  4. The moon has been amazing! So glad we had clear skies for a few night to enjoy it.


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