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Monday, December 25, 2017

Joy to all!

On this day, when Christians celebrate the birth of their Savior, a lot of non-Christians also celebrate the holiday as well.  Many Jews, Buddhists, Pagans and Atheists enjoy the day.  Gifts are exchanged.  Wonderful feasts are shared. Friends and family gather for a seasonal tribal meeting.  In remembrance of a sacred birth, it's a great reason for a festival!

borrowed from an old Christmas book

In case you're like me and don't have family close by...I wish you a happy Christmas even if you celebrate by simply a moment of thanks for the blessings you have.

I am blessed to have a friend who invited me to share her Christmas. I'm really sorry that I couldn't make the drive of 3-1/2 was listen to my body day, and it said no, take care of yourself.

A simple decoration (reused many years) that offers some cheer to the neighbors

I see couples walking from or to their apartments, several of them living in the same size space that I share with a cat and an aquarium.  They must be very close to each other, because there's not enough room to be otherwise.  I have a tiny twin bed, and know they at least must have a double bed to share.  We have a kitchen which is a bit like a galley on a ship, but actually can handle two people working at opposite sides at a time.

I think of several good friends who are dealing with some medical conditions that cause them to limit their normal lives...and I'm hoping that they can have joy with those who love them...including myself!

Is this TOO MUCH? I am glad another photographer took it for a Christmas book.

I'm sharing these thoughts as I also remember the dear friends who would have taken time from their own holiday celebrations to come feed Panther and the fish, so now I've just invited them to come over and share a cup of cheer!

My sons' families are gathering around trees, for different reasons.  But the young ones (or young at heart) are enjoying gifts that have been chosen with them in mind.  And I'm sure the women (mainly) of the families will be preparing delicious repasts for all to share.  We all are so lucky (blessed?) to have lives with abundance.

I can sleep with one eye open if I want!

Have a very Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Hope you have a good day.
    Within the month around Yule there are about two dozen festivals of light..celebrations all round!

  2. look at your cat lounging, happy holidays


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