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Monday, December 11, 2017

Mugshots, with saucer/lid

When we were at a show last week, someone asked for a large mug with a lid to see the contents hot.

At home I've got a set of Geranium decorated mugs with little saucers, which work great on top while seeping my tea! (They used to be for sale but I decided to absorb them into my own mug collection!)

And it's great to protect the wood furniture as a coaster as well.

Not to mention, a place to put that tea bag rather than leave it in the cup...which may look like a nice tea cup, but it's heavier and larger.

Today's quote:
(read it slowly, it's part of a poem, and remember how Rumi thought of lions)

Eat love-food

Suckle the toes of a lion...

             Like this


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  1. what a great idea, I've seen mugs for sale on etsy with lids but they couldn't act as coasters because they were smaller, can't remember how they were constructed.


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