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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Is something fishy?

When I'm at my desk, I sit next to a sad little aquarium, with a rotating population of fish.  Here last Feb. an orange fish supported the one with black tail and fins, a support fish I called it.  They weren't even the same species, but the black tailed guy wasn't feeling very well.

A boy with a big fish!  Sepia Saturday has given me such a good prompt.  Too bad nobody I know snapped a picture of anyone with a fish they'd caught. (Besides a facebook friend who had caught 2 or 3 nice whoppers in his pond this week...but it's his story, not mine!)

How about M. C. Escher for a few fish?

And then there are commercial fishermen, who go out off the Outer Banks of North Carolina, and truck their fresh catch to Asheville, where my friend, Roger, picks up his haul and sells at several Tailgate Markets all through the spring, summer and fall.  He's selling still at an indoor market locally in Black Mountain during the winter also.  Whenever I can afford fresh fish, I am so happy to buy some.  I once asked how the fishermen catch the swordfish that he sells, as I only know of it as a deep-water fish that is line-caught.  He wasn't sure himself.

 Panther (cat) also likes to look at the aquarium sometimes.  Once she knocked over the tin of their  food and got it to spill on the floor, where she enjoyed the treat of eating fish food.  She keeps waiting for that to happen again!

A friend lives on Hwy 9 south of town (on the Daniel Boone Trail) and has this in his back yard.  I just was trolling through (sorry about that) some old photos, when I found these shots...of a trout farm which is no longer in use.

Whoever built these stairstep pools was into the decorative arts as well as raising trout.

 OK, that's enough for this week!  I'll have another post on next Saturday, for you to also chase the meme and see what the other Sepians have come up with.

Today's quote:

The title comes from one of the book’s chapters, in which Carson paints a picture of a future spring morning without birdsong. “No witchcraft,” Carson writes, “no enemy action had silenced the rebirth of new life in this stricken world. The people had done it themselves.” Rachel Carson in Silent Spring


  1. I love the abandoned fish farm! And the gargoyle!

  2. I thought your pictures were terrific. I am particularly fond of Escher and that birds to fish tiling is a good example of his.

  3. I like the first picture of the one fish supporting the one not feeling well. I hope the ill one got well? The one of the cat on top of the fish tank reminded me of the time I caught our cat laying across the top of my bird's cage. The bird was completely unaware anything was wrong, but when I came around the corner, saw the cat, and yelled her name, she jumped off the cage and ran and hid - knowing full well she was in trouble! Animals are so funny sometimes. :) We have a book of Escher paintings. They're great fun to try to figure out.

  4. I hope your fish provide inspiration and not too much distraction and concern for their well- being! My son-in-law has a single solitary surviving goldfish that gets minimal attention. Its tank is in a dark corner of a seldom used room and I often wonder what on earth keeps it going!

  5. I hope the fish that wasn't feeling well survived.

  6. Having lived on the coast, it took us a few years to trust the tailgate seafood markets in Asheville. One woman from whom we buy salmon and Pacific fish actually commutes to Alaska in the summer where she has a commercial fishing boat and brings back her catch, frozen of course. at the end of the season to sell in WNC. I love the abandoned fish tanks. When we lived in Savannah, I came up with a harebrained idea to surround our house with an Escher-like water trough that would have circulating water and little fish. But probably mosquitoes, frogs, and snakes too.

  7. A varied and interesting post. That deserted trout farm is fascinating. I’m sure they can do something creative with it.


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