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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pottery Market in Marion NC

 Cathy Babula's display before the doors opened.

 My display before the doors opened in the gym of McDowell High School

 My ornaments and some vases and teapots...

 The yoga cats were quite popular!

 There at the door is the line starting to wait for the opening, while potters still arrange things, and some of the organizers stand in the middle of the cafeteria just before 10 am.

 So glad to meet a fellow friend from Facebook (and perhaps a blogger as well) Cat Jarosz

This was Michelle Soule's first time at this sale, after I encouraged her to display her Ikebana and angels...which were quite lovely.

 Just as people started to come into the gym, I climbed to the balcony (where one of the entrances for customers was) and took a quick shot of the layout.

 Then things got busy for a couple of hours!

 Cathy would explain to those who were interested how her berry bowls worked with a saucer/lid.

 After a box lunch, I was happy to sit down for a while.

And now it is several days later, and I've recovered (mostly) from the long day.  I even did a bit of book shopping for gifts today.  Now how can I give them if I haven't read them first? (They are used in the first place...which is how I can afford to give them for gifts this year.)

Did I mention I'll be at the Owen Middle School sale (Black Mountain) this Sat, Dec. 9, from 10-4...sharing a booth with Sally Smith this time.  It's my first time at this venue, and I'm excited to be part of it.

Today's Quote:

We remember that nature's power is as close as our breath, and we breathe deeply once again.


  1. great shot from the balcony, I didn't realize the size of your red flowered bowl, beautiful

  2. thanks for stopping by, Linda. Yes, the red sunflowers on yellow big bowl sold, as well as the honey pot of same finish. I was so glad to not bring home as much as I took. How were your "twin sales?"


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