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Monday, April 16, 2018

Potters of Madison County

Last Saturday we took a little trip up to Marshall, NC.  It's a little old river town, and there are studios in the old island high school.  I guess kids are bussed to another newer school these days.

Before I left I looked over at Big Windy, one of the mountains across the Swannanoa Valley.  There's the artistic beginning of green moving up the mountains, known locally as "the greening of the mountains."

 There were some wonderful wood fired and salt fired wares on display.
Friend Cathy connected with her old friend Becka Lloyd, both having been at Haywood Community College several years ago...and that's Becka's beautiful scragfitto ware on display.

 Charlie Teff (looking down in background) paints lovely animals on his wares, then sprays an ash glaze in a nice denim blue around them. 
 There was quite a crowd when we first arrived, and many people were making purchases.
My Zuma lunch was one of the best salads I've ever had, mmm!

These were our favorite pots, all raku ware, with a lovely little copper wire twisted around them for a nice accent.  One of the few out-of-state potters that were there this year.

Link (added later) to my other blog where I show the Allen House in Marshall, and mention Vicki Lane's upcoming book (I hope).


Vicki Lane said...

Looks like a good show. I love those last ones -- great color!

Barbara Rogers said...

I forgot to link over to my other blog, which shares photos of the Allen house, and mentions Vicki Lane's new book. I'll add the link in text as an edit, can't for some reason put links in here...except the whole URL