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Friday, April 20, 2018

Morning mugs that say hello

I am the proud owner of two pieces of Charlie Tefft pottery.  (His home page is

I just found this neat video of him describing his process, Here.

So here are my two's taken a few years to get the second one, which I purchased at The Potters of Madison County show just this month.

It's nice the Charlie still does the same ash glaze, and his little painted animals are still lovely...this is my first from about 3 years ago, used many many times.
This new one is a bit more tapered, in honor of my dear friend who recently died, Rosemary, who loved crows. We would be drinking our first cups of coffee while emailing for the last 17 years, almost every day.  That her time zone was 3 hours later than mine for the last 5 years, didn't seem to matter.

And in honor of showing them to you, I fixed some espresso and made an Americano for my waking cuppa this morning.  Hadn't had that little old machine out since I moved here 2-1/2 years ago. 

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