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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Meow, some new cat mugs...

Who wants one?

These are for sale on Face Book (or here on the blog if you prefer) first come first sold, directions at the end of the post.

Number 1
Downward facing cat, white stoneware, safe in dishwasher, microwave and food of course. $45

Number 2

Cutie cat mug, $45 inside glaze is satin white, outside is matt clear, with hand painted cat.

Number 3

For a cat lover who knows you never can get away from me! $45

And a sleeping curled up kitty who might prefer not to drink a beverage to wake up! $45

Sales are to first to comment here or on FB, whichever is dated first with the choice of which mug you want.  Pay through credit card with my Square account.   If we do it through my email it's more secure.  So email requests will also be in the running.  I've not tried this before, so I'm hoping this will work.  Shipping costs will be included to US addresses. To be shipped within 3 days. is the address for email sales.

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