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Thursday, April 19, 2018

More wildflowers and unknowns...

At Walnut Island River Park, north of Asheville NC, we found these...
Some interesting yellow blooms were off in the woods on either side of the park.

Even enlarging and darkening a bit doesn't tell me what they are definitely. (Except it's not the season for Goldenrod)
The little run is between Walnut Island on the left and a nicely mowed area along the bank on the right.

An enhanced buttercup, I had to darken it in order to see the details of yellow on yellow within the flower.

Violets again eveywhere, notice those heart shaped leaves.  You do know you can eat the blooms, don't you?

 The little white with blue in center are probably a violet also.  But the white star shaped ones on the right are Chickweed

Helen held a Chickweed to show me how each petal is just split which gives it the look of 10 petals...sorry about blurry shot.

But these little hot pink goodies were very few, and very bright! No leaves came with them, and they were kind of like an orchid or pea in the petal configuration. There were only a very few of them among mossy ground, but not near the river. And of course the whole area has either been sodded or seeded with grass, so it could be a hitch-hiker from anywhere.  Anyone know what they are?

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  1. Hello, lovely spring blooms. The third photo and scene is lovely. I would love to take a walk there. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day and weekend!


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