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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy April Fools day

Is it maybe spring finally?

My simple joys of butterflies, the first one has been sighted this week!

From the internet, isn't it wonderful?
And to enjoy spring,'s a shot of a lovely waterfall walk which a friend and I took last week.  I'll add one of these photos to blogs for a while!

Today's quote:

Each time we read for enjoyment, the empathy awakened within us creates entire landscapes in our mind's eye.


Anna said...

some lovely images - are they blue jays?

Linda Starr said...

oh my goodness I love all those bluebirds, are those black petunias on the top? I forgot all about it being April Fools day, white rabbit to you.

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, I'm thrilled with the black petunias, which are dark dark purple in bright sunlight. Rabbit rabbit right back to you!

Barbara Rogers said...

Nope, they're blue birds. About half the size of jays. And they sing very sweetly, where jays squawk.

John Foster said...

Love the bird bath photo.

Lois said...

Very pretty! I love the butterflies and that pale blue color.

Anna said...

just shows I know nothing of your birds :) I can recognise most Australian birds however :)

Michèle Hastings said...

I am anxious for Spring to arrive and actually stay for a few weeks! I have seen quite a few bluebirds here lately. I think it might be time to hang the hummingbird feeders.