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Thursday, April 12, 2018

More tame flowers (not wild)

 A large bush with rhododendrons behind it, but it had no leaves itself.

After talking with 2 master gardeners yesterday, we decided that this bush is probably a Serviceberry, which does occur in the wild.

Near the lake, probably planted - a great perennial

  Periwinkle Periwinkle (Vinca minor) Source: Wildflower Identification

At first I thought these were lily of the valley, but they remind me also of Oconoee Bells, but they aren't like the wild one, see below.

Wild Oconee Bell
The mystery flower is planted along Lake Tomahawk, so I'll ask some more master gardener folks what they think.

You know this pretty white daffodil.

Her lovely yellow neighbor.

And one, or maybe two...

amazing two tulips make four-lips?  Groan.

Today's quote:

I have millions of bodies to live in.
I will dress myself in the moonbeams,
in the gauze made of fine silvery threads,
and pass my time in tranquil rest.
I will sing my songs in the form of hill streams and brooks,
in the form of the rolling waves; I will move on.
I am the soft-footed wind which walks on in ecstasy.
I am the ever-gliding form which goes on as time.
I descended as waterfalls on the mountain slopes,
reviving the faded plants.
I made the roses burst into laughter.
I made the nightingale sing her mournful ditties;
I knocked at the doors and woke up the sleeping ones,
wiping the tears of the one,
blowing the veil from the face of the other.
I teased those near and also far.
I teased you too.
Lo I go, I go, with nothing in my possession .
Swami Rama Tirtha ( written an hour before he left his body)

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Barbara Rogers said...

I'm hoping someone knows what that little bell flower is...??