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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Enjoying nature, and need some help on identifications

 Looking back up to the entrance to Walnut Island River Park from Hwy 251 north of Asheville NC

Looking toward the French Broad River through the picnic area, I wondered that those leaning trees are still there, but one has fallen into the water if you look closer.

Tree in foreground has lots of seed pod thingies hanging in the wind, while new leaves have started to open.

If you know what this tree is I'd love to know.
A rocky area made last summer probably for small swimmers.

Helen and I were disappointed to not see any ducks or geese this visit.  But I did see some egg shells under one tree, courtesy of someone who had eggs for breakfast.  They didn't look big enough for a goose and being under a tree, could have come out of a tree nest rather than a goose nest which would be on the ground.

The little entrance from the highway comes down at a slope, and we almost passed it this time.

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  1. It will be interesting to see what trees these are..I looked at Black Walnut in wikipedia, but doesn't quite match.


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