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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

William (John) Worsham

William (John) Worsham  1610–1659

Birth 1610 OR 1619 OR 1625 England probably

Death 1659 OR 1661 Bermuda Hundred, Henrico County, Virginia, American Colonies

Bermuda Hundred marker in front of house

  William Worsham, born ca 1619 in England. He sailed to the Colonies and settled in Virginia. He had a Land Patent for 400 acres of land with his brother George, which was dated on 15 February 1652 in Henrico Co., Virginia.  William married Elizabeth _____ (Possibly Littlebury/Littleberry). Elizabeth was born ca 1623 in Henrico Co., Virginia. William was a well respected man. He was at one time a County Commissioner in Charles City Co., Virginia. William died ca 1660/61 in Henrico Co., Virginia, leaving his wife a widow.  (Source: My Worsham Lineage here.)
They had 5 children, William, Elizabeth, John, Mary and Charles.
After his death his widow married again, and had more children by her husband, Eppes.  She left a will with details to both the Worsham and the Eppes children.

He is my 10th great grandfather on my father, George Elmore Rogers' tree.

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Burn off all your own games to that in you which is
Pure Intensity...
When you meet the very Core of your Being
become completely loyal to the deepest passion in you
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to Reality [Truth] within yourself...

Aisha Salem

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Linda Starr said...

amazing you know all your history; I forgot to tell you that when we were driving on the beach there were hundreds of monarch butterflies everywhere; they must be migrating by here.