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Monday, January 15, 2018


Usually I wake and have a cup of coffee, or two to be honest.
But one of my sons gifted me with some loose tea leaves, a couple of kinds a month in fact.  So for fun, I'm going to start making tea.

Since usually I'm drinking alone, one cup at a time for me, please.
So I microwaved the water to get to the right temp, in a small pitcher... it must be fresh water and to the boiling point I learned. (Not being a tea drinker every morning, I'm learning this all over again.)

No, the pitcher isn't on a burner, there's a glass tray on the stove to give more counter space...and there's the new little strainer, and the tea is brewing just 2 minutes in the pitcher.

 The sunflower petals and bits of strawberry were noticeable as it brewed

 Looks good, with my spoonful of Sourwood Honey added (the last of it for this year, so precious)

This has got to be the best tasting cuppa tea I've ever had! And it's good all the way down!

Today's quote:

Just as there are people that support us, we are a supporter to many people extending the cycle and giving back.


  1. Now you have a reason to make teapots....lots of teapots!

  2. Gary like sourwood honey too, we get it at our farmer's market, I love fresh brewed tea


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