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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Pitcher piecing part two

This time I have some speckled brownstone clay (from Highwater Clays).

I threw the basic shape a few days ago, and I was worried that it had firmed up too much.  That meant when I cut it and removed the wedge for the handle area (on left above) I had to put a lot of slip and extra coils of clay into the "wound" while smoothing it out.  Since clay seems to have a memory, it may split apart at any stage in the rest of the assembly.

The curve cut-out on the right side at the top, of course, is where I'll apply a piece of curved slab of clay...and again put lots of slip and some coils along the seam to strengthen it up.

Looking through the cut you can see the "wound" repair on the inside opposite it.
A bit of guesswork here.  I mentioned to friends in the studio that if I'd been smart I would have a pattern to cut with.  Instead, I cut and guess.  I never claimed to be a pro!

Still damp, but into the kiln room to dry and then get into a bisque kiln-load.

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