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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Clay art and archaeology

And this is the oldest ceramic object (so far) in the world, she was made between 27,000 and 29,000 years ago, at what is now Dolni Vestonice in what is now the Czech Republic.  The good news is that it hasn't been called "A VENUS" statue, which refers to much later goddesses. 

And just to be balancing of the nude sexes (which art seldom does)...

I don't know the source of this Pan, Nature god complete with phallus.  And I am only guessing that he was made of clay.  Lots of repair work, so he could be stone. And he definitely would belong to the civilizations that rose around Greek/Roman times.  Please comment if you know who he is...where he was found, I mean.

And speaking of cultures, have you seen this incredible video of the history of the world populations?
Give yourself time to enjoy this, and stop and pause it when it gets really interesting.

The History of the World, Every Year

Today's quote:

"You carry Mother Earth within you. She is not outside of you. Mother Earth is not just your environment. In that insight of inter-being, it is possible to have real communication with the Earth, which is the highest form of prayer." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh 


  1. Form his color Pan looks to be clay

  2. This blog post was featured in Pottery Making Information at Thanks for the honor!


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