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Thursday, January 4, 2018

More gallery of instructors and students at BMCA

Fred Feldman

 "Clay and Carrot" Fred Feldman, student

Colorful vases by Suzie Sweet, student

"Stripe Purse" and "Bling" by Freida Weise

"Picture Frame" by Regina Webster

"Bird Box" by Pat Huffman and "Lacey Heart" by Regina Webster, students
Vase and Box - Marsha Cozart, student

Vase (tall with drippy glazes) Vase "Persist marcher" by myself, Barbara Rogers

Fairy plate by Mathilda Tanner, Instructor

Bear Trinket Box by Mathilda Tanner, Instructor
Cauldron, by myself, Barbara Rogers SOLD and taken home already


  1. Love that little bear and of course your cauldron

  2. This blog post was featured in Pottery Making Information at Thanks for the honor!


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