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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Behind the scenes

Making pottery doesn't just happen.  There are two main ways that I do it (and probably many others). I call these ways as 1) Throwing on the Wheel, or 2) Hand Building.

If you like pottery, you may have a preference.  If you make it, you probably do too, but spend some time with both techniques.  I've been playing with combining them lately.

 A pitcher with some tucks taken, a handle added, and a pieced spout.  The basic pitcher was thrown. A pulled handle was added, and the tuck meant waiting till it was just firm enough to cut into it's side, remove a wedge, and push it back together, leaving the concave portion behind the handle.

A similar pitcher which I sold to a friend recently...and she would like another one like it. 

I'll show you tomorrow how I piece a slab into the pitcher to make the spout area.  I don't know how various pro potters do it, but this way seems to work for me.


  1. love that second pitcher, is the interior the glaze you modify ?

  2. Hi Barbara, I do both the hand building and wheel throwing, but tend to prefer the wheel throwing. Have only been at it for a few years and am definitely an amateur. I seem to enjoy sculpting little critters (hence the cheeky chickens on my blog) the most... and don't know if that falls into the hand building category or a category all it's own. Your pieces are amazing, and I really like your yoga cats.

  3. Yes, the last one, the one that I already sold, has the mason-stain in white satin glaze for its interior. Outside just has Mayco designer liner in white, with a coat of Matt Clear over it. The contrast really pops out the turquoise.

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