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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mug-bowls for friends

A smart potter (which I seldom am) always makes extras for any order.  I needed 3 mug-bowls...bowls which have a handle, can be baked in and are really sturdy.  I am glad that sometimes they get dropped and broken, and thus I get a chance to make some more.

 This is liquid wax, which is applied to the bisqued bowls on their bottoms with a brush.

The wavy bottoms are a result of how I pull the wire under the bowls to cut them off the bats where they were thrown on the wheel.

Three tubs of glaze are used.  Glossy Green for the forest green color requested, and it's totally inside, and on the bottom of the outside of the bowls.  The Matte Bronze Green is on the handles so they are a bit easier to grip than the shiney and somewhat slippery Glassy Green.  Then a dip of just the rims of the bowls into Satin White, which will hopefully drip into the greens and give some interesting glazes to look at.

In a few days there will be a kiln fired to cone 5-6, and I can take more pictures to show you how this worked out.


  1. Soup mugs are so versatile... I like to use them for ice cream too! Can't wait to see them when they come out of the kiln.

  2. Interesting process. You are very talented!

  3. This blog post was featured in Pottery Making Information at Thanks for the honor!


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