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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Woodland walk

What is that flower? Just sitting there pretty as you please beside the path and the stream?  Any flowers which have been planted are supposedly indigenous to North Carolina!

I can enjoy them without knowing their names!


gz said...

1, Datura, 2, Monkey flower?

Linda Starr said...

oh I have to take a drive on one of the forestry roads before it's too late; we were down to 47 this morning. The first is datura, not sure what variety; last is called jewelweed, I saw the last one on our last trip in the woods; next to last white one looks like a clematis; yellow another jewelweed.

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks. Somehow I knew Datura. Just didn't know for sure!

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks Linda, I thought the Datura was that. Jewelweed, I hope I can remember that for next summer too. We've got that white clematis or whatever growing in banks over the sides of all our roads and highways these days.

smartcat said...

Datura, aka jimson weed, angel's trumpet

Barbara Rogers said...

Oh I like that name, Angel's Trumpet. I'll probably remember that.

Vicki Lane said...

So many pretty flowers now -- also there's iron weed and Joe Pye weed.