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Saturday, September 9, 2017

First vehicles

Boys on some interesting old vehicles, and wearing strange looking hats!
You must look closely at Chauncey on the left, who has some kind of horse between his legs, and he's holding the reins. 
My father has his eyes closed as his picture is taken while riding a tricycle.  Interesting shoes he's wearing!  And then there are those hats!  Any ideas as to what they were? Chauncey is riding what I think were called hobby horses...basically a broomstick with a horse's head on it.  I know I had one of these as a little girl too.

  I thought I'd posted these photos before, but I am unable to find a blog with them in it, so here are some of my father (born 1914) and his older brother, Chauncey.  My dad was the youngest for a long time, so they called him Junie (plus he had his fathers name so had Junior at the end of his own name!)  Chauncey was born in 1912, and I imagine these photos to have been taken around 1916-17.  The singed quality is probably a result of the album having burned in a house fire the family had in the 20s.

Here Chauncey has no hat, but my dad has what might be a bucket on his!  What a face, and he made that raised eyebrow look often throughout his life. Usually after telling a joke and waiting for you to get it!

But how about the auto?  That must have been run by pedal power.  Did you have a pedal powered car as a child? I don't know if I did, but my sons probably did.

It's Saturday again...time to look for old photos having to do with a meme...set by Sepia Saturday here.


tony said...

Yes I also had a peddle-bike as a kid (i can still remember the bruises when my legs got longer and i kept bruising my knees on the frame when i peddled)
But I never any hats as fancy as the ones in your photos!
I love how your photos got rescued from fire.
Your Dad Junie has a cheekysome face here!

Susan Kelly said...

I love the expression on Chauncey's face in the second photo. Great images.

Mollys Canopy said...

These photos are precious! Those look like men's summer dress hats in the first photo, and the bucket hat on our dad is priceless :-) Also like Chauncey's sailor suit in the second least that looks like a sailor-type collar down his back. Fun!

La Nightingail said...

Both are great pix which fit the theme quite well, but I do love Chauncey's expression in that 2nd photo! That a little charmer. :)

Mike Brubaker said...

Both wonderful photos and an absolutely perfect match for our theme! The patina gives them a priceless quality of real family treasures.

Jo Featherston said...

Love the raised eyebrow look that continued on, and great that those photos survived the house fire.

Little Nell said...

Your dad’s quizzical look is a winner - no wonder he continued to use it throughout his life. It looks as if Chauncey could have benefited froma hat - or a pair of shades!

L. D. said...

Those two shots are really old ones. Great to see them in action.