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Monday, September 11, 2017

Paths to follow

No matter what Gaia, Mother Earth, is doing all over the world these days, she has supported the life systems that we humans enjoy.  Trees, flowers, animals, streams, and beauty.  Sometimes there are terrible catastrophies, and some of them are man made, and some where man and nature intersect.  The bombing of buildings in New York and Washington DC sixteen years ago were man made catastrophies.  The named hurricanes are nature-made, but the problems that human-made cultures have with these storms are often exacerbated by how humans build with little regard to nature.

So go back to Robert Frost and 2 roads which diverged in a snowy wood.  I wasn't in a snowy wood, but did see several roads/paths which diverged.

Choices.  We've all had them, and will continue to, every day of our lives.  Do we choose the path well travelled?

From the memorial garden on the other side of Flat Creek, there are steps leading down to the stream

In high summer, the undergrowth wants to take over the path.

The deer path, is what I've always called this deadend path leading down to the stream.  It has a lot of steep slopes coming down now, and perhaps will just be filled in by vegetation soon.

  A maintenance road goes straight and true, but the gravel path to the left has promise also.

Ah, there's my route home, across the bridge.  But there's also another gravel path beside the white sign thanking the gardeners who built the path and planted indigenous plants...the path which meanders along Flat Creek.

1 comment:

Linda Starr said...

what a nice walk, too many people concentrated into small spaces and lots of concrete and pavement and rain can't soak in like it should, I see population growth as the biggest threat to the planet.