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Thursday, September 14, 2017

A little wind and water

My little corner of life looked like this Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 1:00 pm.
My porch where I snuggled the remaining plants up against the wall in case of high winds. A whole lot of the plants are now indoors for the winter.
Thank heaven just many leaves and small branches down in our complex! My car wasn't damaged either - parked beneath a tree with branches often falling down.
Very brown water in Lake Tomahawk, where the water level had been lowered last Friday in expectation of more rain than we received from the last blow of Irma.

The Lakeview Senior Center cancelled all programs, including my Spanish class and lunch. I'd invited a friend, so we went to Wendy's instead, and found another of the seniors there who usually comes for lunch at Lakeview.
I went to the Clay Studio to pick up my 2 yellow pots which are on top shelf...but...

...Charles (manager) was busy vacuuming up the water that covered most of the floor.

The news keeps running the same clips, showing damage from hurricane Irma, which was considerable in places.

I've got my own little bit of impact, which is pretty much what can be expected from any rain storm here in Black Mountain.  I admit I was not out there with the crews chain sawing and hauling away the downed trees that blocked roads and knocked out power lines.  I'm sure that was covered in the news.

Many thanks to all the people working to help all the infrastructures to return to normal!  I do hold in my thoughts and prayers all those who were impacted more severely from this storm, as well as others!


Linda Starr said...

hope no greenware got wet, as we lay in bed the other night we heard a big crack and another, when we went outside we saw a huge tree with a massive crown had broken off in a spiral break around the tree, that must have been a forceful gust of wind. The news showed massive trees falling all over Atlanta, sad all the damage for so many folks.

Michèle Hastings said...

Glad that you suffered minimal damage. It's been a scary few weeks around the world.

Vicki Lane said...

We were lucky, here in WNC. I love your header!

Barbara Rogers said...

Yes, the wind was most of the damage up here, and some folks have still had no elec. connected. They found out they could ask for the power co. to give damages for lost food etc. Don't know what they have to do to prove what the value was, however.

Barbara Rogers said...

Maybe we can be back to normal (whatever that is) one of these days! School shootings also scare me!

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks, I keep thinking I'll change the header, but haven't found a better pic yet. Yes, I'm very grateful that Irma didn't bring our neck of the woods any more damage than she did.