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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Cheerful Sunflowers on turquoise

I recently went wild with sunflowers.  This batch are the yellow variety, and I glazed them (as usual) with Mayco's Stroke & Coat glazes (cone 5-6).

Tiny vase, somewhat askew.

Tiny bowl in front (sauce size) and little vase behind

 Toothpick holder size in front, little cup behind (and below)

The background is an interesting mix that I'm pretty happy about.

I used our studio satin white basic glaze, about a gallon, then mixed in a mason stain called Bermuda Green (from Highwater Clay).  I used about half the idea how many grams.  And since I was using the mixed wet white glaze, this is about as "seat-of-the-pants" as you can get with glaze formulas!
I paint the lines first (Designer Liner)  then the color inlay, then paint wax over these then dip into the background glaze.

But I've done this mix about 3 times now, and don't use it that often, so it seems pretty stable.
For now anyway!

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