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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Birthday visitor

Russ remembered how to rock hop into the middle of the Little River
Sad feelings today.  A visit from one of my sons was short, sweet, and oh so busy and full of love.  Now he's driving fast along the highway back toward his own life, and I'm so glad he had a chance to step into mine for a few days.  There were moments I knew he was texting with his wife or kids, and I thought how he must need to stay connected to them while here.  I didn't mind at all.  It would have been nice if they could have visited too, but the kids are in school still.  I did love hearing about their lives. Maybe over a vacation I can see them.
A rather strange panorama with Looking Glass Falls and Russ taking it's photo!

I'll share a few of my photos here today...more as I enjoy remembering my "late birthday present day with my son."
I don't know the reason that arm is extended...?

Coming back through the rhododendron thicket was a bit more tricky than just jumping along rocks.

The following are more or less private notes for myself. (I extended my own day, being out and about for more hours than I had previously.  Of course I came home and collapsed into a 2 hour nap.  But afterward I did stay up for my regular evening pursuits.  You don't really care about all this, but this is also my journal here, so I keep track of what my health is doing.  Goddess knows the doctors don't.)

And thus is the life of a 75 year old...grateful for so much, but aware of how my life now revolves somewhat around the medical conditions that I'm dealing with, and will the rest of my lifetime!  My dear doctor shrugged his shoulders about several of my questions.  Apparently the experts don't know that much. He did say I wouldn't get any better with bronchiectasis.  But he had no new options available for me either.  Come back in 6 months.  But really why?

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