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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

On top of old - Mt. Pisgah

Looking down from the dining room deck at the Pisgah Inn, there are some rockers just begging for you to sit and enjoy the view!

 It was a long wait for a table for lunch, but we enjoyed wonderful food and excellent service.
This was the week before the eclipse, which was to be at 100% in this location...maybe that's why there were so many people.

 The clouds' shadows moving across the mountains were so amazing

Helen and I tried to figure out the little map with names of mountains on it.
 Here's the diagram of the same view without Helen in foreground.

 We were looking south, so Black Mountain wasn't the town, but an actual mountain of 4320 feet. But which one?

 The only problem was trying to figure out where we were on the diagram.

So if I point the camera at the diagram, and then look up, I should see the same thing? Nah.

 Towards the southeast...

Here's the Joe Pie Weed blooming!

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