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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Cat Angels

Cat Angel A - view above

Cat Angel A- view of side
Cat Angel A - view from front

Cat Angel A - back and side view
Cat Angel B - view front
Cat Angel B- view back
Cat Angel B - view side back
Cat Angel B- view side
Cat Angel B - view front & side
Cat Angel C - view side & front

There are 3 more cat angels...but I've not taken their photos yet.  It's been fun making them and having their very different personalities around my house.


  1. These look wonderful. Looking forward to the rest.
    I’ll have to take a picture of the brass cat angel zipper pull my sister gave me many years ago.

  2. Oh I can't wait to see the brass cat angel zipper pull! Sounds delightful! That would be so tiny! These are about 2 inches.

  3. Very sweet. Are these also raku or are they electric fired with a wash over them?

  4. Good catch Michele...electric with a wash, cone 5-6.


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