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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Three glazes make for lots of shades of fun!

 I start by pouring matt black glaze into insides of mugs, cups, bowls, whatever is waiting for glaze.  And I dip the outside of the rim in the black as well.

After they dry a nice hour or so, I can hold them by their bottoms and dip the whole outside into satin white glaze, and then wait for another hour for drying.

The fun came last, dipping bottom half in raspberry red, which meant that it was over the white mostly, but the very base would have the charm of red.

 The clay is B-Mix by Laguna Clays, fired to cone 5-6.

 Isn't that fun blend of greys?  I love it!  I'll show you the mugs next time...


Linda Starr said...

lovely description of dipping, not sure how you keep that black off the rim.

smartcat said...

Looks like you got a spammer too. I deleted one. Guess I have to review blocking.
Nice pots! Cool color combos.

Barbara Rogers said...

I (hate may be too strong a word) this new blog system where I no longer get any notification when a comment is posted...nor a chance to moderate what gets published. so the spammer is gone for now. Glad to hear from you! Thanks.