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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Goblets to the firing

How do I get to this...

 from this...

Step one: (after assembling) bisque fire...

Step two: apply glaze to bisque-ware

part of step two, wax the bottom edge to keep glaze from sticking to kiln shelves

Step three, wait until kiln is loaded and finished, then it's did they come out? Can they be worthy of being sold? What should I charge for them (I actually asked one of the potters at the studio who supports herself with her work.)

Voila... two goblets with the altered swooping designs, and two without.

The glaze choices are our studio satin white, as liner and down 2/3 of the exterior, then dipped in raspberry up 2/3 of the way, after the white had dried quite a while. I love that warm grey the white/rasberry combination gives.

Dishwasher safe, but the bases are hollow, so you might not want them in the dishwasher to fill up with water!

The bases are slightly heavier than the tops, at least I haven't tried it with wine yet.  To celebrate, don't ya' know.


  1. wonderful goblets; it's been eons since I made any goblets. I must resurrect a few from the recesses of my mind

    1. I like your image, of having some inspiration in the recesses of my mind. Can't wait to see (blog) what you come up with. Now I'll be looking beyond my own cobwebs.

  2. Love the glazing. Since I work in low fire, high fire glazes always look adventurous to me.

    1. I haven't paid enough attention to low fire glazes...we don't have any opportunity to do low fire at our community studio. Don't they come out just as glassy as mid-range or high fire?

  3. Those are great! Love that glaze combo.

    1. I think I get a look going, and then just keep doing it over and over till I'm tired of it, or the studio glazes get changed. Right now 2 of our favorites have been changed by Highwater Clay changing something as stabile as calcium our Glossy Green isn't glossy, and the Plum has gone from a purplish blue to a mediocre aqua. Oh well.


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