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Friday, June 8, 2018

By the Shore

Sitting by the sea is such a nice relaxing thing to do. I've driven for hours to do so, got hot sandy salty water all over me, or cooled too quickly, got too hot, too sandy, too dried out from the wind.  But I love to do it, and will someday again.

Check the people from the Sepia Saturday site to see what they've come up with related to this photo!
But my collection of beach photos has already been posted here before, so I'll just show a few again.

First a Florida shot (I know I lived there for years, but these ladies most appreciated a van ride from Tampa to Clearwater Beach, where there was a great little pier that wheelchairs could tool along.  This was in 2003, before I retired, when I loved working with elders as an activity director for an assisted living residence.

These following shots are all of Galveston TX. Come see if the rest of the Sepians have anything more interesting to share HERE

Old map of Galveston

Strolling on the beach below the seawall

The seawall of Galveston.

West beach, Galveston TX June 2018. My cousin, a long distance truck driver, shared this to her facebook page, so I have to include it even though it's pretty fresh off the press (as they once would say.)


Alan Burnett said...

Those old photos of Galveston are absolutely fabulous. The world really is united by a common love of the seaside.

Mollys Canopy said...

Love these photos, particularly the Galveston post cards. Considering the area was once torn asunder by hurricanes, it's nice to see these vintage shots of a well organized beach and community.

Linda Starr said...

happily smiling at the finely dressed folks strolling along the shore, the ocean always has it's draw no matter the century

La Nightingail said...

What a wonderful job - working with older folks, getting them involved in life one way & another. Kudos to you! The old picture postcards of Galveston are great.

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks Alan...yep, we do love to dip our toes in the salty water, or at least be next to it!

Barbara Rogers said...

I've visited and tried camping at a Galveston beach campground on a night when a storm came through...held my tent together with lots of rope, but the wind was so noisy I ended up the rest of the night (when I actually slept) in the car!

Barbara Rogers said...

Just breathing salty air is healthy too!

Barbara Rogers said...

I now live in a senior apartment complex (without any activities) but there's a good senior recreation center nearby here in Black Mountain...I do miss the beach though!

Kathy Morales said...

Love the old photos of Galveston. The attire is somewhat different today! ;)

Mike Brubaker said...

The older Galveston photos were not too long after the great hurricane of 1900. Disasters mark time in tragic ways. Before the storm and after.

Joan said...

Being a high desert gal, the beach and all that water is a rare thing to behold. So I do enjoy the trip to beaches with you. My daughter and grandchildren lived in Texas in the late 1990s and I loved their stories of going to Galvaston. I was particularly intrigued by the well dressed beach goers. I recently posted some family photos of that era, and my father was one of those who put on his suit when going out on a Sunday. Thanks.

Barbara Rogers said...

You sure said it! More skin hanging out all over the place!

Barbara Rogers said...

You are so right. My neighborhood is now thinking "before the Memorial Day floods" and after. Friends are still reclaiming their yards from creeks.

Barbara Rogers said...

Being in proper clothes has become a lost art in our casual lives. I now wear jeans to church. My parents would never have done that! I'm glad to hear your high desert stories, since they are so different from mine!

ScotSue said...

I enjoyed your post, with the images giving us a social commentary on the times.