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Saturday, June 9, 2018

More pottery and flowers

You take the high road, and I'll take the low road...through that inviting doorway!
 A milkweed, which attracted us, as well as some butterflies

 Helen discovered that the petals on the flowers open downward.

Helen's Flower, I had to tease her about it, but it wasn't in bloom.  "Double Trouble" being an alternate (but not Latin) name...and Sneezeweed I could sure do without.  It's a good thing she's got a sense of humor.

And Chimney Rock State Park is again framed by one of the decorative pieces of doorways.

Another lemniscate with blue plum over white satin...

Chimney Rock State Park just reopened...though some of the trails and parking lots are still being repaired...and the elevator is still not working.  So you must be able to climb a bunch of steps to the lookout.  And the route we usually take from Black Mountain is also closed due to a landslide which will take a few weeks to be repaired (US 9 south to Bat Cave) so go through Hendersonville and take US 74 east to Bat Cave, and then Chimney Rock (and next to Lake Lure.)

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