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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mugs for Monday

The Georgia O'Keeffe style...some bright poppies, and these will cheer up anyone's day!
Hand painted with Mayco Stroke N Coat glazes. There were no decals used, which a comment on Facebook brought to my attention.  Decals are great, but not for me...I want each object to be a piece of different art, not a manufactured item in any way.


  1. I always enjoy a good poppy. Your mugs are super! How much do they lold?

    1. Good question...the 2 smaller are 10 oz ea...and the larger ones are 14 oz.

  2. These would sure brighten a morning!

  3. nice one..and a poppy thumbstop too!

  4. Thumbstops are all Celtic crosses.


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