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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Water and greenness

 The Swannanoa Valley, where you see the pale green is where the Swannanoa River passes along its way to the French Broad, which goes through many more mountains to the Tennessee to the Mississippi.  Maybe there are a few other rivers in that stream, but it will take you to the Gulf of Mexico eventually.
 The last of the dogwood, which endured Dogwood Winter a week ago, and another unnamed frost.  We've still got Blueberry Winter coming before it's really spring.

 The lake is pretty full (Lake Tomahawk) after rains.

But last week there were still some snow clouds up at the Blue Ridge Parkway

 An ornamental Cherry tree on it's last hurrah...on Doughtery Street across from the library.

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  1. no sooner has Spring passed,blink, Summer has gone and we'll be in Autumn/Fall!


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