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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Happy May Day or Beltane

One bunch of unknown yellow flowers...
And another bunch of unknown yellow flowers 

 And how about some purple flowers too!
So the first ones (as I drove past slowly) are slightly daisy shaped, so won't look like that page in Petersons'.  Maybe they are tame and not a wildflower.

The second group, 2 shots but the wind was blowing so few are in focus...are reminding me of the St. Johnswort.  What do you think?


Rabbit Rabbit, for those who want an extra furry ounce of luck for today and all month long.

By "Viewing Nature with Eileen" blogger


Linda Starr said...

the blue (purple) ones with the floppy leaves are scilla, a bulb, happy may day and white rabbit to you

gz said...

The first,blue flowers are speedwell

smartcat said...

Hares and Rabbits to you!
Happy Beltane!

Barbara Rogers said...

Thanks Linda...glad to know scilla looks like that!

JudyB said...

When identifying flowers the number of petals each flower has is important. Your yellow mystery flower has four petals, not five, so it can't be St. John's wort (which blooms later in the year). The mystery flower's four petals and habit mark it as a mustard. I'm not a good enough botanist to tell you which specific one. There are a number of mustard species. My grandmother used to harvest "creasey" greens from the fields in early spring.