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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Happy surprise

I was so happy to meet a couple of folks who were touring the Black Mountain Center for the Arts...and who purchased one of my decorative plates.  But the purpose for the plate was the biggest surprise of all!

The plate was to be a gift for a woman who was retiring from a workshop which occurs yearly.  I asked what kind (thinking of the many religious retreats held in the mountains every summer.)  This time it was my own denomination, Unitarian Universalist!  I just gave a big hug to these lovely ladies who are part of the SUUSI program. They were just returning home to Greensboro after doing some set-up work before the workshop to be held in July...with around 1200 participants.

I've never been to this program, but have heard about it for years.  So maybe I'll try it someday soon.  It seems much more interesting now that I've met these two women.

And the other side of this gift is that half the sale's proceeds go to the Center for the Arts, the parent organization of the community Clay Studio where I spend most of my days making more pottery.  There's certainly truth to the saying, "whatever goes round, comes round."

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  1. the stories about pottery make it all worthwhile every time, how special to learn of the reason behind the gift of your wonderful plate


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