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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sculpture packing

Another life change is coming round the bend this week.  I'll be changing my physical residence.  No longer will I have a studio space at home.  I'll be working at the Black Mountain Center for the Arts CLAY STUDIO entirely.

New apartment has lots of built-in shelves for pottery display!

After packing all the pots I've made in the last 8 years, (less those that sold of course!) I am really overstocked with various things...mainly my sculptures.  What on earth does someone who's more serious about their art in clay do with all the productions?  I guess they have more crates and tubs packed and maybe rent a storage facility.

Sculptural pieces waiting to be packed gently into bigger boxes

I've downsized several times in my life, so it's not that scary.  Perhaps the only ones worried are my garbage collection team who have to lug all those boxes and boards off.  This week it will be the old mattress and box springs.

Did you ever wonder where the mattresses go?  In the dump with everything else?  Wait wait, why don't they have all those beds put in a special area, and afford a soft place to sleep for the homeless?  Except when it rains, and except of course any bedbugs.  Well, one good idea that has already passed.

PS, I'm moving this week, so it may take longer than usual for your comments to be posted!

Thought for today:

Are the stars too distant, pick up the pebble that lies at thy feet, and from it learn the all.
Margaret Fuller


  1. Nice shelves INDEED and boy, you said it, when potters have to move they have a lot of STUFF :)

  2. I've smashed a lot of pieces when I moved and then regretted it later for some, my clay stuff took up most of the boxes when we moved, a little guilty about that.

  3. Lots of shelves for lots of stuff! Even though you won't have a home studio I am willing to bet that a little clay will find its way to your apartment for handbuilding.
    Will we be seeing some after pictures once you are settled in?
    Toes crossed that all continues to go well!

  4. Your new place seems to have lots of natural light. The shelves are a great addition. The view out of the window in your photo looks like it might be full of nature. I think moving clears out the mind and opens it up to new quests. -- barbara

  5. The change will be good and bad. As an artist it will make you start out all new again. I hope your place is a nice new place. I discovered that I have to give up throwing pots. I demonstrated at the high school as a sub and found the arthritis is going to shut that activity down. I succeeded making three pots but by the next morning my entire left hand was worse than it has ever been before. My wife says I will have to concentrate on painting with my right hand only.


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