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Sunday, October 25, 2015

My Art on the Lawn experience

Being outside for 8 hours didn't used to be anything to make my body complain.  But oh my, the last 2 days make me think how very frail I've become.  Drat and darn.  First let me say -  I am really grateful to have been allowed to join in the Swannanoa Valley Fine Arts League and be part of this show.

First day, sunshine, glorious sunshine.  Wonderful weather for walking or driving and seeing the trees in the woods, which are at their peak right now.  But sit in it, even if only the last 3 hours were actually beaming hot sun on our faces, on my gracious, I am no longer a beach goer.  Nor an Art Show artist apparently.

Second day, clouds, so nobody's going to complain about the sunshine, right?  Well, we happen to have a steady stream of cold air coming down the valley from Mt. Mitchell, or some other cloud enshrouded heights.  It just seeps through clothes and into your bones and muscles.  People who jump out of cars, or leave warm homes, are fine for a half hour or so in 60-65 degrees of the chilly air.  There wasn't a wind either. If you're working or hiking you can sweat in it, and then you've got something else to add to the cold whenever you stop.  But try 8 hours of it, and I soon discovered the thing to do is to walk around 5 minutes of every hour.  At least for me that made the difference.  I still went home and collapsed with a chill that brought fever for a couple of hours, bundled up and taking Tylenol.

 But I've bounced back, and now it's Sunday.  My day of rest and relaxation.  Boy I need it!.

Now to be more of a reporting blogger, here are my pictures from Friday, since Sat. I didn't feel like taking any.

Great looking tents in front of the Monte Vista Hotel...the antique car is always there.

Friday at dawn doing set-up

My friend Ginny Moreland hung her marbleized scarves and paper products.

My site was in between the parking lot and the Red House, next door to the Monte Vista.

Monte Vista on left, Red House somewhere behind trees on right.

Also on the parking lot, a pleine air artist added his touch to a tree.
After all, art can be advertising for art.

My site was actually sitting upon the old swimming pool site.  No Diving Signs are still on the sidewalk.

I had a great view!  That's the Monte Vista dining room down the hill.

I had a couple of sales each day...and am very grateful for a friend who came by and made a nice purchase.

But was it worth it?  If my old bones could have just been like they were 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago...maybe yes.  I'll have to seriously think about doing more outdoor shows.  And doing more exercise so my muscles don't just sit at a computer or potter's wheel, or doing fine glazing details all day!  And of course this 2 day event was at the end of a particularly stressful week for me...that won't happen again I hope.


  1. I find shows painful and I am younger than you! At least you were in a very pretty location. Get some rest this week.

  2. at least it was nice weather and the fall leaves look beautiful; If I didn't have Gary to help me I couldn't do it, half a day at the farmer's market is tiring, and we both usually don't do anything on Sunday after the Saturday market. I think pottery sales at an actual art fair might be better, I will try those next year and see what happens.

  3. I don't do book fairs any more -- too discouraging to sit and sit and have people breezing by your display trying hard not to catch your eye, Or stopping to look and saying they can get it used on line much cheaper. At least Friday was beautiful.

  4. Barbara -- Sounds like you just had a week of work and then combine that with being outside all day in cool weather -- yikes, Glad you were up and around the next day. Do take it easy -- barbara

  5. I know, outdoor shows don't appeal much to my young self anymore, either....gorgeous photos around the area, though!


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